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Gail  Bagley, Founding Member

I have lived in Florida since 1970, before Disney World opened!  My interest in co-living has been percolating for decades, but my real commitment to cohousing came when discovered the "Senior Cohousing Handbook".  Since then I have visited 20+ cohousing communities, attended numerous regional and national conferences and workshops, and currently serve on the SAGE Senior Cohousing Advocates board, along with Chuck Durrett, the co-founder of cohousing in the U.S.   I look forward to a long, happy and healthy life among supportive friends and neighbors here in Lakeland, FL.

Susan and Alan Harding

We moved to Florida from England in 1999 with our two sons - Daniel, a personal trainer and nutritionist, and Adam, a young man with developmental disability who loves to volunteer with SPCA.  Recently retired, we ran a tax and accounting firm for 20 years.  We have served on several nonprofit boards and been involved in fundraising and membership for various organizations including American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, Circle of Friends and Noah’s Ark.  We are strong advocates for inclusive life opportunities for families and individuals who experience disability.

Susan loves cooking, reading, walking, travel and gatherings with friends and family. 

Alan’s passions include music (a drummer in a previous life), cricket, eating Susan’s cooking and football (soccer).  

David and Linda Wood

We are originally from Ohio, but have followed David’s career to Indiana, Colorado and now Florida. We are retired educators who have dedicated our lives and careers to improving opportunities for individuals with disabilities, including our oldest daughter, Joann.  Our younger daughter, Sara, is a licensed psychologist.  She and her husband Michael also reside in Lakeland.

We are committed to developing and living in a blended cohousing community in Lakeland, where Joann can occupy her own home under our watchful eye.  Joann has typically related more easily to adults without disabilities with whom she can engage in endless conversations while enjoying her sense of humor.

We hope to leave a legacy in which we are integral to something larger than ourselves.

SHiRL Selah

In January 2020 I sold my lovely 10-year old townhouse in Virginia with the intention of finding my "intentional community" in Florida.

I have lived in two communal environments with shared interests and/or goals, plus I have researched visited "intentional communities" in Virginia, North Carolina, California, and Florida.

As an introvert, it IS easy for me to withdraw from the world. Books and music are my comfort. When I am ready to socialize, I want an environment with others of similar interests: vegetarian, senior, LGBT, or spiritual.

These days, I am seeking a more specific community, with specific environment, ambience, and weather. I have NOW found my intentional community in Lakeland, Florida!

Barbara and Don Wallace

Barbara and Don Wallace are 77 and 85 years old, respectively.  We are Detroit-area Michiganders who were snowbirds for 16 years before moving fulltime to Lakeland.  Don taught physics at Oakland University and Barbara was a school media specialist and public library director.  Now we are both doing taxes as volunteers for AARP and both involved in their Unitarian Universalist congregation.  Barbara plays duplicate bridge.  Don plays golf.  We have lived in senior communities for 18 years and are intrigued by the idea of an intimate, intentional community where like-minded adults can live as an extended family rather than as random neighbors.

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Sylviane Russo

I am a French native who taught in the New York City public schools for over 15 years.  I have been living in Florida since 2010 and love the Florida climate.  This is where I discovered my passion for gardening, more specifically, permaculture and food forests.  My need for community has led me to Cohousing where I am meeting like-minded people.  Bike riding, hiking, and swimming keep me physically active.

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Melanie Harney

I am a native Floridian, and fell in love with Central Florida when I moved here in the mid-80s. I enjoy Tai Chi, Qigong, backpacking, walking, drum circles and local community events.

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Friends and Neighbors Senior Cohousing is thrilled to be collaborating with Harwood Village to create a blended community!   Harwood Village embraces the diversity of seniors and community members with disabilities.   As neighbors, we will be working and playing together, and supporting each other through life’s challenges.

To learn more, click here:

Barb Weigle

I am a retired social worker originally from Michigan. My husband and I lived full time in our RV, traveling the country for seven years before settling on the Gulf coast of Florida. We both decided we were done with Midwest winters. Sadly, my husband succumbed to cancer, so I am now embarking on this last stage of life as a single senior. 

I have family, both children and siblings in several states who I enjoy visiting. I enjoy reading both fiction and nonfiction, current and historic novels. I enjoy too many crafts to mention, but I am known as the "go to gal" for mending, alterations, and costumes.  I live with my mini golden doodle, Vino (he is actually black instead of golden).  His name says a little about me too.

I am looking for a community that values and welcomes all people of integrity, shows compassion for each other, cares for the environment, and has fun and laughs most of all.  

I look forward to meeting more folks interested in making Friends and Neighbors co-housing community a reality.